Monday, January 14, 2013

Old Fashioned Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cake / Cupcakes

This cake reminds me of the baked items sold at the old Relief Society Bazaars held in the park on July 4th (wayyyy back in the 60’s!)  Extra moist, and topped with a caramel/coconut/pecan frosting - my Dad really loved cakes like this.  Later, it became a favorite of my husband.  Coconut lovers - this is for you.

I promised my kids several times, and now I’m following through.... I’m posting some family favorites from our own cookbook.  This type of cake  is a trend that ended years ago - but if you’re close to my age, you’ll remember it.

I had to bring a cake to a meal following a funeral last week - and I remembered this recipe.  They requested a frosted, plain-jane 9” x 13” cake-mix type of cake.  (I can’t think of anything worse than that!)  It needed to be in a disposable pan (a great idea - saves returning everyone’s dishes) - but I decided to take just a BIT of the batter and turn it into two little cupcakes so I could show you how good it is.

Since you use quick oats - there isn’t any precooking involved here (other than pouring hot water over the oats).  This cake comes together really fast - and it’s even better served warm.  That makes it the perfect recipe for when you ALMOST forgot to take it to the church on time!

The part my husband loved was the caramel coconut frosting.  He didn’t even care if it had NUTS - but it’s almost a crime to forget those.  

Serve this with a scoop of ice cream while it’s still warm (or even re-warm it in the microwave, and it’s just as good)  It’s moist and never dries out - even gets better with age.  I wish I could remember where I got this recipe, but it’s a keeper.

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