Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fresh GREEN Herb Butter

This recipe evolved over several weeks.  It’s a recipe my mother gave me, and she asked for it from my sister’s inlaws.  Originally it was SO green that it was overpowering.  But after a few tries, I adjusted the proportions so it was perfect for baked herb bread, a spread for french bread, and now (my favorite) replacing butter on baked potatoes.

I like garlic bread as much as anyone, but (frankly) it’s just butter and garlic.  Not too interesting, just good.  I remembered my mother making this when I was a teenager, and it took a while to track it down.  

The original proportions were quite heavy on the basil and parsley - and no garlic at all.  I was trying to come up with an easy bread to serve to the LDS Missionaries of the Salt Lake City South Mission.  Although missionaries appear to be big strapping men, they are young and (at times) their recent teenage tastes return.  In other words - I knew at least some of them would have issues if they saw too much green in their bread (after all, my own son is serving as a missionary right now)

I adjusted the recipe by adding garlic, and trimming down the basil and parsley.  It was perfect.  Everyone loved it (and inhaled it - why am I not surprised?)  That probably had to do with the fact that missionaries don’t turn down an opportunity for home cooking - they never know where the next meal is coming from.

Later I made this for dinner with a group of Relief Society leaders in our Stake.  We were having a soup buffet, and I set out the butter (by itself) next to sliced baguette bread.  It was wonderful on cold bread, where before I had assumed it would be best on hot bread.

Today I had an extra red potato on my kitchen counter.  I popped it in the oven while I baked bread, and it took about an hour to soften.  I split it open and fluffed it - then added this butter to melt.  It was heavenly.  My favorite way to use it.

I had someone ask if it was all FRESH herbs.  No - it’s not.  The finely diced green onion seems to reconstitute the dried basil and parsley, making them look fresh as well.  But if you have all fresh (not dried) - go for it, I’m sure it would be even better!

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  1. You just made a wonderful compound butter! I bet if you rolled it in wax paper and set it in the fridge to harden, it would be beautiful in slices and put on numerous things...steak comes to mind!

    1. Hey, that's a brilliant idea! Thanks for the suggestion. I keep the leftovers in the refrigerator, and it's hard to wait till it softens to use it. Slicing it would be really convenient - thanks!