Friday, January 6, 2012

Orange Rolls (big or small... they'll eat it all)

Everyone has their favorite version of the classic orange roll - and most of what we love is the sweet/tart orange filling.  This recipe excels with not only the filling, but the dough beneath it.  It was fun to mix it up a bit by making it into a “pie” - one large orange roll.  It’s easy to cut into wedges to serve.

I came across this idea (for cinnamon rolls) on - and I wanted to try it for our Christmas morning breakfast.  Cinnamon rolls are tradition on this morning - if I didn’t serve them I would lose my “Mom” and “Grandma” badge permanently.  So I formed it into two large cinnamon rolls that morning.  I made them during the day on Christmas Eve, put them in the refrigerator, and brought them out to rise as we left for church on Christmas morning.  By the time we were through tearing through presents, they were ready to bake.

On New Year’s Eve afternoon (we had brunch, told the little ones it was midnight at 8:00... then put them to bed early so we could celebrate as adults), I made the same dough into orange rolls.  These disappeared FAST, and I regretted not doubling the recipe.  

My family didn’t disown me for the change - and they really liked having one GIANT cinnamon roll they could cut into wedges.  Forming it this way eliminated everyone going for the MIDDLE rolls (and leaving the outer edges alone).  You also didn’t feel committed to taking an entire roll if you just wanted a taste.   

Today I tried it with one large orange roll - in addition to freezing the rest and giving a few away.  I like to have a bunch of “Cafe Rio” takeout pans on hand for taking meals to people.  They have a foil-lined disc that you can crimp in place for freezing, and they are great to bake in as well.  I doubled the batch and have a stockpile now for when my “hotel” opens as the kids come home next time.

For this recipe with detailed photos & directions - go to:

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