Monday, January 16, 2012

Ham In a Loaf

If you just can’t face ham & beans after your holiday ham, ‘repurpose’ it into a loaf shape.  Tender and moist, with a sweet glaze - it’s great for both dinner, and in breakfast sandwiches.  Serve drizzled with the sweet juices from the glaze.  Dress it up topped with pineapple slices for a a fancier meal

The two big holidays of the year (Christmas & Easter) are usually celebrated with at least one meal that includes a ham.  We enjoy it twice a year, but what we don’t enjoy about that is what to do with the leftover ham.  The part of the ham that stubbornly clings to the bone, in between layers of fat - you know what I’m talking about. 
I have (since the beginning of time) usually made Ham & Beans from the leftover ham bone, letting it cook down slowly over about 24 hours.  It’s great for some of us, but there are always those who think anything with beans is great depression food.

I’ve always heard of “Ham Loaf” - but thought I’d experience it myself.  There are so many variations of it out there, that I took a little from several recipes to come up with the right proportions for the amount of ham I had.   It was good, especially with the glaze.  Not good in a “holiday” way... but a good homestyle main dish.  

Use a blender to “grind” up the ham (making sure there is no bone or other really tough parts in it first).  I purchased ground pork, then gave it a few minutes in the blender also.  Mine was ground really fine, but a coarser texture would have been great too.  Ground pork was in almost every recipe I found, but next time I’m going to just use ground ham.  It would bake faster and not be as “firm”.

The glaze added a lot of flavor and seemed to tone down the salty flavor of the ham.  It’s similar to the glaze I’ve always used on baked ham.  Almost like a thick, sugary paste that you spread over the top, then it liquifies and turns crackly when it bakes - keeping the loaf moist.

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