Monday, November 7, 2011

Silky Asparagus Soup

I’ve been living on soup the past few weeks - and of all the (new) ones I’ve tried, this one has my loyalty.  There are a few secrets I learned from where I adapted this recipe - Cooks Country (love that group... they’re amazing!)  Simple things, but they made a big difference in this amazing soup.  

In case you can’t tell, I love all things green.  Deep green is even better.  I’ve made asparagus soup several times, and it always tastes great, but turns out just a little “off” shade of green.  This recipe taught me that cooking asparagus on medium-low heat brings out the best flavor, and that it needs to be cooked till JUST tender enough to puree, and not any more than that.  

The original recipe calls for leeks instead of onion, but I’ve never bought leeks in my life (yet) and couldn’t get to a store that day.  Someday I’ll get out of my box and actually TRY leeks - I’ve resisted mainly because of cost (and I’m stuck in the past).  Even with good old sweet onion, I thought the soup was excellent.

The biggest surprise was adding a small amount of frozen peas just before blending - it brightened up the muddy color you usually get when you cook asparagus in liquid.  A touch of lemon juice brightened the flavor, and a scant 1/4 cup of cream was the finishing touch - making it smooth, silky, and just rich enough.

I could live on this - it’s that good.  The full recipe, photos, and directions are found here:

PS - This is a food blog, not my journal to whine - but I've had a few of you ask what's going on with (what I thought was) Bells Palsy.  It's an entirely different thing, and if you care to know more, I've explained it HERE.  (Thanks for your well-wishes, it means a lot!)

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