Saturday, November 12, 2011

Albondigas Locas Soup

I had the surprise of my life (as far as soups go) about a month ago when I tried “Albondigas Logas” soup (Crazy Meatball Soup)  From the very tame appearance, I wasn’t expecting the warm, bold flavor to appeal to me.  I went back at least three times for just a little more - trying to figure out “what’s IN this?

I’m not usually a fan of buffet restaurants - you know the kind I’m talking about.  Line up, take a tray, walk down the sneeze-guard covered stainless steel rack and take what appeals to you. 

My daughter & her husband took me out to Sweet Tomatoes (also known as Souplantation in some parts of the country) on a busy Friday evening.  Salad is always a good idea on a Friday night - when I am typically tempted to overindulge at a restaurant.  We checked out the “hot bar” area, where they had all kinds of things to supplement the salad we had just filled up on.   

This is what the soup looks like at Sweet Tomatoes
This is the made-at-home version (a little 'fresher-looking'?)
That’s where I discovered this strange soup.  It didn’t look especially appetizing, but the title intrigued me.  I took a small helping, garnished it with tortilla strips, sour cream, cheese, and a few other ingredients - and it didn’t take me long to realize I LOVED this soup.  

You’ll just have to try it.  When you make it at home, it will HAVE to appear more appetizing - since it’s not cooking all day in a steam kettle.  The flavor has a hint of Southwest, but it also has a downhome, hearty personality that is perfect for a cold night.  

There are very few online versions of whatever defines this as “Crazy Meatball Soup”.  I had to go from my memory of what I saw in the soup, along with the flavors I tried to guess.  I think I got it pretty close - and if not, I just might like this better than the original.  

Enjoy a hot bowl with diced avocados, additional chopped cilantro, a helping of cheese - and don’t forget a squeeze of fresh lime (that puts it over the top, in my opinion)

For my (best guess) recipe version of this great soup, go to:

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