Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Ideas for the 'kid' in all of us...

This week I've been tied to my house (that's a hard thing for me)...  A few days ago I looked in the mirror and found one side of my face had "frozen" - and after a trip to the doctor, he informed me that I have Bell's Palsy.  Just in time for Halloween!  I have to keep my left eye taped shut, and I have to drink everything holding my lips shut around a straw.  I've joked with my kids & grandkids that I'm going to be a pirate for Halloween this year (aaaarrrrrggghhh!)  

So.  I have one good eye, and lots of downtime till this (hopefully) improves.  I've pulled a few ideas I've shelved from pretty brilliant creators I've stumbled across the past few months.  I've included links to the ones I could actually find.  

Check them out, and hopefully I'll be back in the kitchen shortly...

Veggie Halloween Skeleton
Great way to get your goblins to eat something healthy...
Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats
(Love the Tootsie Roll stem!)
Donut Hole, Nutella (or canned chocolate frosting),
stick pretzel, and chocolate sprinkles (or chopped nuts)
Pumpkin Roll-ups - (easy & healthier than candy)
Made from sundried tomato wraps, cream cheese, & cilantro.

Owl & Spider Krispies
I loved this idea - and they are made from
Cocoa Krispies (a great 'Halloween cereal')
Halloween Smoothies
Just add eyes from M&M's & halved marshmallows.
(keep a healthy alternative for all the sugar in your arsenal)
Ghostly Pancakes
Spook them from the minute they get up!
Ghost Pizza
(no link available - but this is pretty straightforward.
Cut slices of mozzarella into ghost shapes & dot with olive eyes)

Ending with a little Halloween humor...
Make them look twice before they flush.
(a vinyl cutout, found HERE)


  1. oh dear - feel better soon! these ideas are great!

    Erin in MN

  2. great ideas!!!!! specially the spider one! ;)