Friday, June 17, 2011

Allison Dastrup's Summer Punch

This is yet another one of those “who knew?” recipes.  Who knew that the humble cucumber could add such a refreshing flavor to a beverage?  Although the original recipe makes enough to serve several people - I’ve adjusted it down substantially to make just enough for one person to enjoy.

I’m sure you are perusing the ingredient list here and you’re temped to brush this one off.  A few of my children really don’t appreciate cucumbers in anything.  But once I got them to try this, they were surprised they liked it.  My 84-year-old mother (who never drinks soda of any kind) said that “this grows on you”.  

The only word I can describe this with is “refreshing”.  You might want to file this away for when your garden is producing in high gear and you don’t know what to do with all the extra cukes.  Keep an extra bottle of lemon-lime soda and a frozen can of limeade concentrate on hand and you have an awesome light, summer drink.

My son-in-law Cameron is an awesome addition to our family - and he came with a bonus:  a brother that is a fabulous cook.  And this brother (Callin) likes to share his recipe finds with me.  So I’m thanking him for this one - and also the person who shared it with HIM - Allison Dastrup.  I know of several ‘Allisons’ who really have amazing recipes in their stash.  Hmmm... And my newest granddaughter has that name as well!  Must be providential!

For both versions of this recipe (single serving & enough to serve a crowd) go to:

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