Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creamy White Chicken Chili

It’s hard to describe how satisfying this soup/dip/chili combo is.  I found myself debating whether to use a spoon, a chip, or a tortilla to bring each bite to my mouth.  The seasoning is spot-on, not too much or too little.  Each time I’ve made it, it’s devoured and appreciated.  Just don’t think of it as “chili" - it's so much better...

The original recipe (thanks Charity!) is very simple, as it uses canned Great Northern beans.  But my daughter wanted to learn how to reconstitute and use dry beans.  I’ve done that with pinto and chili beans, but not Great Northerns.  This variety of bean cooks down to a creamy consistency - which is perfect for this soup.  We were pleased with how this turned out!

After checking out several websites on how to cook dried beans, I came up with a formula to yield just enough beans for this recipe.  If you prefer the convenience of canned beans - they work just as well, but the price is significantly higher.
I also like using chicken bouillon cubes in place of the chicken broth.  By doing this, I didn’t have to throw the cooking liquid down the drain - as I used it to dissolve the bouillon.  This added to the final creamy texture.

I loved using Costco’s frozen chicken breast.  I left it out on the countertop for about 1 hour to become semi-frozen - then it was so simple to cut into 1/4” slices, the perfect size for the soup.  

The cayenne pepper would probably be great for those who prefer some “heat” to their chili.  The cumin, pepper, oregano, and canned green chilies made it just right for my grandchildren, as well as the adults.

If you prefer the convenience of canned beans - use 6 cans and drain them - mashing all but one can.  To make up for the drained liquid from the beans - add 3 cans (16 oz each) chicken broth.  If you prefer - you can also use Costco rotisserie chicken in place of the sauteed chicken breast. 

This is so good during this undecided-to-be-Spring season.  (And yes - it makes a TON.)  For the recipe - go to:

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