Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Potato Stamping

March is a month of ups and downs for children.  One minute the sun is shining and all is right in the world.  The next - it’s raining on their parade and there’s “nothing to do”.  This is an easy-to-do craft that you are likely to have all the supplies already at home.  Potato.  Knife,  Paint.  Paper.  (Bored Kids).  Done!

This idea has been around forever, and what makes it genius is the fact that you can adapt it to any time of year.  Most of us have potatoes that are shriveling in a bag in the basement or garage.  With a sharp kitchen knife you can create just about any design.  

Make sure you use water-based paint.  Poster paints can be permanent, so read the label carefully before you turn the kids loose with it.  We used water-based acrylic paint that was .59 cents a bottle.  Cheap fun!

I was six hours from home with my daughter last week after the birth of their new little baby girl - my eighth grandchild.  

She is so sweet - I’ve included just a peek at her above.  This little baby has three older brothers - all under the age of five.  One day while I was there it was raining, the oldest was home from school, and their mother had just let them know they had had enough TV for the day.  

(Notice the pants are on backwards... this kid dresses himself, thank you very much!)  
Boredom.  Tears.  Need I say more?  Maybe you’ve been there and done that...

To save the day, we decided to try our hand at a St. Patrick’s Day craft.  I had seen this over and over again on the web, but I’ve never attempted it.  After slicing one potato in half - each of the oldest two boys had their own shamrock stamp (the 2-year old was napping, whew!)  We set out a large sheet of poster paper and let them go to town.  A potato half is just the right size for a little child’s hand to grasp without it being tedious. 

Their “Leprechaun Paper” is now hanging on the patio doors.  Later that day we hid Leprechaun Coins (little plastic golden coins that I found at a craft store - 25 for $1.00 - best dollar I ever spent!) and took turns finding them.  
This is not what I would classify as a recipe, but nonetheless - I've listed lots of photos, suggestions, and tips to make it easier at:

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  1. You never cease to amaze me. So fun to have a new little spirit fresh from Heaven. So glad you got to spend some well deserved time with the kiddos.