Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter Popsicles

Are the kids climbing the walls dreaming of warm summer days and all those favorite treats that go along with them (aka - popsicles?)  Give them a change from cold-weather diversions by turning a favorite breakfast cereal into something that reminds them of summer.  Fast & fun.

My kids have long since flown the nest, but my grandkids still enjoy breakfast here occasionally.  I try to keep the “fun” cereals on hand (that I only let my own kids have on special occasions - that’s how it works when you have grandkids, you know)
All you need for this cold weather popsicle is a box of Fruit Loops (or “Fruit Whirls” or whatever your generic store brand calls them) and simple lollipop sticks.

Kids like to make patterns - and this is a great activity to teach them this concept.  Of course, you have to EAT the ones you accidentally thread out of sequence!  Tough consequence, but they will be happy to do so.
To display your winter popsicles, think of something nutritious to anchor them into (and eat later) - such as a banana, orange, or apple.  

Yes, I know this really doesn't qualify as a true "recipe" - but the simple instructions and a few hints are found at:

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