Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Make-Your-Own Baby Wipes

Yes, I realize this is a FOOD blog - but I think this idea is just too valuable not to share.  My son & his wife have been making these for over 7 years now.  At first blush, you may not think this is worth the effort - but read on and you may change your mind.

Tyler & Tara were struggling students - as well as new parents - during the early years of their marriage.  Every penny was allocated during those lean years.  

At the time, my son (in addition to going to school) was working long hours at a cabinet shop to put food on the table.  One of his work friends would often stay late and cut rolls of paper towels on the saw.  This caught his attention, and he learned from this (frugal) friend that it is very simple and easy to make your own baby wipes.  

Years later, even with a good job and their financial situation much better - they still think it’s worth their time to make their own.  My daughter-in-law Tara summed it up this way... 1) They smell so GOOD.  2) I know what they’re made of.  3) I think they are safe enough to even wipe the kids’ mouths, noses, and hands.  4)  I don’t have to peel back that annoying self-adhesive strip every time I reach for a wipe.  5)  The container fits easily in a diaper bag  6)  They are so inexpensive, I can use them to wipe up spills and other messes that go along with having kids.

I raised my six children in the days before baby wipes were the "norm" (I will spare you the stories of diaper drama that went on at my house 'back in the day'...)  Maybe you don't have kids underfoot right now - but most likely you will have grandkids in your future.  Every time you pop the lid on these economical wipes, you'll be thinking "Cha-ching!"

For detailed instructions, supplies, and how-to's - go to:

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