Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Magic Sleeping Potion" - for sleepless children everywhere.

Maybe your Christmas Eves are similar to how mine used to be.  Excited children, too much sugar, and the thoughts of going to bed hours away - while my mental list of things I still need to accomplish stretchhhhhhhes  longer and longer before the guy in red comes down the chimney.  Oh - those were good days!

My friend Jennie Bennett shared this little verse with me recently.  She started this with her children years ago, and now (even with some of them "too old" to believe such tales),  they still ask for the "Magic Sleeping Potion" on Christmas Eve.

She isn't sure where she found it, (but when you use it - please give her credit).  I thought it was a unique treat to share with my grandchildren, near and far.  I quickly typed it up, and I'm adding it to the package I send to my daughter's family this week, as well as my son's three little ones that are closer to home.  If you are wanting to get fancy - you could purchase holiday mugs that are just about everywhere right now for a real bargain.  I kept it simple with disposable cups - and I don't think my grandkids will think less of me for it.

Even if it doesn't technically make children sleepy - it is an excuse to pause from the hectic pace for a few minutes and at least think of sleeping...

Here's a very simple tutorial...

I found very inexpensive packets of cocoa, Bob's candy canes (for the candy stick), Nestle "Jingles" (for the magic bell),  and really yummy chocolate/vanilla swirled marshmallows.

Place the candy cane with the curved end at the bottom (keeps it stable), next to the packet of cocoa on the side.

Add your "magic bells" and marshmallows...

Position in the bottom of a clear cellophane bag...

Wrap it up, and you're done!  Now include a copy of the "Magic Sleeping Potion" so everyone knows about it's magical powers.
Now - if you're lucky - sleep will sneak up on whoever partakes (and it will probably be YOU before the kids...)


  1. This is the cutest idea! I can't wait to make this for my kids.

  2. Maybe put some melatonin in the cup because i dont know how well all that sugar is going to help children sleep!