Monday, September 27, 2010

Clean-Out-the-Fridge Frittata

Easy. Peasy.  The best thing about this ‘recipe’ is that it’s simply a RATIO using whatever you have in the refrigerator that you’re tired of looking at and want to use.  Even vegetables that are almost past the point of no return can be revitalized.  If you have herbs taking over your garden, throw them in too.  Great served hot or cold for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

It’s either feast or famine when you garden.  After trying to be patient, I now have more garden produce than I can use.  It’s a relief to find a quick way to use up the abundance.  In the winter months, I use soups to utilize the excess, but I’m not ready to embrace soup until I can see cool weather on the horizon. 

We’ve enjoyed tomatoes and herbs for a few months now, and they show up in a lot of the recipes I’ve tried this year.  I decided to use them in this frittata.  If you choose to use fresh tomatoes, be sure to add them AFTER sautéing the other vegetables.

What IS a frittata anyway?  It is similar to an omelette, in that they are both mixtures that use eggs, vegetables, and cheeses.  For an omelette you typically cook the eggs first, and then fold the eggs around a filling.  A frittata, however, just mixes it all up - making a mishmash combo cooked all together.  No crust, layering, or ‘arranging’ of ingredients.  That spells FAST and EASY.  
Frittatas are often served at room temperature, making them perfect for larger groups, and even taking on a picnic if you choose.  Include a salad, other fresh summer veggies & fruits, and a loaf of french bread - and you have the perfect fall meal.

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