Friday, August 27, 2010

Root Beer (Float) Cookies

The recipe for Root Beer Cookies is not new, but this time of year we crave root beer floats.  That earthy brown foam tastes heavenly on a hot summer’s night.  But it’s a little challenging adding ‘foam’ to a cookie.  I took a chance on marshmallows, and beneath all that rich root beer frosting - it worked.

I took these to our neighborhood BBQ and didn’t bring any home.  I’m hoping that was a sign of success (instead of desperation)  Everyone who tried them seemed pleasantly surprised at the marshmallow hidden under the frosting - and it was fun (if I do say so myself)

I expected these to have a strong root beer flavor - but it was very mild.  I’m assuming the brown sugar masked it.  The frosting has the same, very mild root beer taste.  There are so many flavors going on here that it didn’t matter at all.  I’m drawing my own conclusions that this flavoring is meant for COLD applications (hence “root beer” flavor) - and baking the cookie weakens it somewhat.

There’s been quite a buzz about root beer cookies the past few years - and I haven't tried them until now.  There are two main versions of this recipe, and both call for water - especially if the dough is too dry.  I chose not to add it.  I used my bread mixer and the dough was just right for portioning with a small food scoop.

Use care when returning the marshmallow topped cookie to the oven briefly.  If you leave it too long, you’ll have a root beer s’more instead of a float.

For this summer-style recipe, go to:

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