Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kaiser Rolls: skip the bakery...

Do you ever tire of going to the bakery to buy just one or two hard rolls for a sandwich?  Because of the inconvenience, I usually end up buying a six-pack - then I still end up wasting most of them.  These are surprisingly like the real thing, and with the help of your freezer - you can have fresh rolls anytime you want without leaving home. 

Summer is that season I used to love (and hate) because I now had to make lunches...  I forgot how nice it was to just make a little salad for me while my kids were enjoying (?¡) school lunch.  

My three sons have all had summer jobs either as teenagers, college students, and/or when fresh home from a mission.   Being the thrifty guys they are, they can’t see wasting half their paycheck on fast food for lunch in the middle of the day.  Enter:  Mom.  She’s well qualified for making a packable lunch because of the years of sandwich making on her resume’.  

These boys of mine tend to get a little particular about the bread those sandwiches are made with.  And because I’m (usually) nice and want them to be indebted to me forever - I aim to please.  

We’ve tried hoagie buns (too hard to chew and they stick to your teeth), rolls (too soft and they tend to get mushy), tortillas (fun for elementary school - but we’re older now), croissants (good for a change - but it’s “girly” bread) - you name it, I’ve tried it.  

The only roll that seems to fit the bill is a Kaiser roll - especially the ones from Sam’s Club - that you have to purchase in mega-quantity.  And they are only good for the first day or two after you purchase them.  One summer I tried individually wrapping them and freezing them - taking them out one at a time to use each day.  That only worked a few times - then it was obvious they just tasted frozen.  

This year I decided I’m not going to give job security to Sam’s bakery - and I was going to try tackling Kaiser rolls.  Thanks to the internet and trial and error, I succeeded.  They worked.  They’re delicious.  And when flash-freezing them, they are so fresh (any number I need, and anytime I want them).  

For this detailed recipe and my (trial-and-error) photo tutorial - go to:

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