Thursday, June 3, 2010

The "Fazookie" - an 'original' made by millions of mothers everywhere...

I’m convinced an “original” recipe does not exist, and if someone claims to be the ‘originator’ - they aren’t telling the whole truth about how they came up with it. This little hybrid pizza cookie is served at Firehouse Pizza in Utah.  What makes it “Firehouse” style is that it is baked in cast iron mini skillets - giving it a western twist.

This dessert has been (unknowingly) created by millions of mothers for many years.  The original Pizookie is a famous dessert on the menu at BJ’s Restaurant.  It’s simply a fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie baked in a Suzy Homemaker type pan - only a little larger.  Top it with one or two scoops of vanilla ice cream, then drizzle with chocolate and caramel - and ta-da - you have a “Pizookie”.  

My son and his wife took me to dinner at Firehouse Pizza in Centerville, Utah last winter.  After a terrific pizza, they treated me to a “Fazookie” - the Firehouse version of the Pizookie.  It was served hot from the oven in a fun little cast iron skillet (that kept the cookie piping hot - UNlike the little cake pans used at BJ’s).  

Sometimes when I’m thinking I ‘deserve’ dessert - I think back to that little Fazookie.  When I was shopping recently, I ran into some miniature Lodge cast iron skillets.  I couldn’t resist picking up a few.  Lodge cast iron pans no longer need to be ‘seasoned’ as older cast iron used to.  Simply wash in hot water (no soap), dry thoroughly, and use it to your heart’s content.  

My son & daughter-in-law have their own Fazookie pans, and make these all the time.   They told me to make sure to flatten the cookie dough slightly so it will spread to the edges of the pan as it bakes.  I tried it both ways and there wasn’t much difference - other than the flattened dough formed a fun uneven edge as it baked.  Later, when the entire crew was home one evening, I simply baked a pan of giant-sized cookies, scooped them onto small serving plates, and let them garnish them as desired.  The only advantage of the cast iron skillets is that the cookie stays warm for much longer.  But a Fazookie won’t last long anyway.

To plan ahead for easier Fazookies, refer to the tutorial (above) on how to freeze and store cookie dough - making it pretty easy to have this treat ANY time.

This is the ultimate “put-the-kids-to-bed-then-enjoy-some-comfort-food” treat/reward for a Friday or Saturday stay-at-home movie night.

For instructions, and the perfect cookie recipe to make this with - go to:

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