Friday, June 25, 2010

Double Dose of Chocolate Brownies

A large batch of brownies is a death sentence for a diet.  If you have to ‘fudge’ a little, it’s better to make it a SMALL batch - and give the rest away.  I didn’t give this brownie recipe much credit until they came out of the oven.  With that shiny, crackled surface you see on only the most fudgy brownies - these are a winner.

I tend to think I’ve seen it all when it comes to brownie recipes.  I’ve tried the ones with decadent, loaded, and ultimate in the name.  And most of them have lived up to those adjectives.

Sometimes I just want a really chocolatey brownie with no fuss.  Heavy frosting just adds guilt and gives me a headache.  You would be crazy to frost these - their simplicity really helps the hidden chocolate chips shine.

This recipe originates in the Hershey Holiday Collection, and Charlene Jenson printed it up for me as another one of her tried-and-true favorites (thanks Charlene for sharing...)  

They are so slick to make - I love the fact that I don’t have to deal with cocoa powder (with the ‘brown dust’ residue), or melt down the tedious-to-unwrap squares.

The batch is small, as far as brownies go - making sixteen 2-1/4” squares.  Since I usually go overboard, I cut them down into 1” squares.  I’ve noticed when the portions are small, I tend to savor them more slowly (and wisely...)

These are wonderful plain, or dusted with powdered sugar.  They make a nice addition to a buffet platter, and package nicely in small cello bags for friends.

For the recipe, photos, & directions - go to:

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