Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day ten (of sixteen days of GREEN) - Rice Curry, in a hurry...

If I keep this up, I will have found every single SWEET thing that can possibly have a touch of GREEN.  This morning, I'll hold off on the sucrose and share some real food that could (possibly) qualify as green...  

It has taken me years to appreciate Rice Curry.  It’s a taste that has to grow on you, over time - or that you consumed all through your growing up years (kind of like Poi if you’re Hawaiian?)  Every time my husband asked for Rice Curry, I dutifully made it - never trying it.  Because, in my opinion, GREEN tinged beef just seemed wrong.  But (as always) I was wrong.  This dish really warms you up on a chilly March day.

These photos didn’t capture the amazing color of curry in this recipe.  I think that was what initially kept me from even trying my mother-in-law’s Rice Curry.  

I don’t know how to explain it - but (to me) curry dishes have a golden green “glow” to them - and they almost glisten when the light is just right.   Curry has quite the history - no two curries are ever the same.   To me (a NON-curry expert) it seems a bit like chili powder, but sweeter.  

Curry can totally change a meat recipe.  I used to make what most people call “hamburger gravy” over rice (from my college and newlywed years) - but by adding one more ingredient - curry - you have an entirely different experience.  

My mother-in-law’s recipe called for ground beef.  This time I used what I call Ever-Ready Browned Beef Cubes that I made (in mass) - and it was wonderful!  The rice will take longer than the meat to cook - if you use ground beef.  This is a good choice for time-restricted evenings.

For this slightly green, warm & comforting curry recipe - go to:

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