Saturday, February 6, 2010

Heart of Hearts Valentine Cake - here's a way to melt their hearts....

Those of you who have a “significant other” this Valentine’s Day could make a big impression with this dessert of desserts...  At first glance it takes your breath away (and it just might be because your arteries are closing in self-defense...)  Seriously - you can’t go wrong with this gift of love for your sweetie (or your children!)

I just finished three posts that bring you to this point - now it’s time to assemble this cake that is so fun to give to someone you love.
Here's what you'll need before you begin to put this together...

Make your cake - any kind you wish that doesn’t add to your stress is great.  My personal favorite is “Instead Of A Mix” White Cake (click HERE for the recipe).  Make sure it is cold, or (if you have frozen it) that it is almost thawed.

Prepare your filling enough in advance that it is chilled.   The type of filling will depend on the flavor of your cake.  Since this one was a white cake, I filled it with “Satiny Pastry Cream Filling” (click HERE for the recipe)

Get your frosting ready.  Since this is such a large, decadent cake - I much prefer a light frosting (or topping) that holds up for more than just the few hours it is on display.  (click HERE for the recipe for the White Chocolate Mousse Topping I used in this cake...)

For complete instructions with photos on how to assemble this cake - go to:


  1. OMG! This is one heck of a beautiful cake!

  2. Isn't that a beauty! Wonderful work! Thanks for the idea.