Friday, November 27, 2009

Next Day Hot Layered Turkey Croissants - showcase your turkey one more time...

After all that work, you need to showcase that turkey a few more times. If you served the typical Thanksgiving feast - these sandwiches require only one additional item - croissants. Somehow anything on top of a croissant is revived into something special - even cold turkey!

Cold turkey (or even warmed in the microwave briefly) takes on a new persona when it is layered with stuffing and hot turkey gravy. These are just enough to give you the energy to fight the Black Friday crowds - and still have room for leftover pie.

You can make a complete meal of it by serving these with what is left of your green bean casserole and any other side dishes you have on hand.

Keep your pillow and blankie nearby for that tryptophan-induced nap that is sure to follow...

For this very simple recipe idea with photos, go to:

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