Friday, September 18, 2009

'Dogs In a Blanket - fun solution for your Labor Day leftovers...

If you’re like me, you have Labor Day leftovers lurking in your refrigerator. I always buy too many hot dogs when they’re a great buy, then I feel guilty that they don’t have the same appeal anymore. Wrapping pre-grilled hot dogs in a tender blanket of buttermilk dough revives that summer love affair with tube steak once again...

When you see a “Pig In A Blanket” doesn’t it conjure up memories of school lunch? I had the typical school lunch experience that most have, but one thing those lunch ladies could do right was BREAD! And it didn’t matter what form they served it in, it was always the first thing snagged in the lunch line.

Using the Buttermilk Refrigerator Roll dough recipe from yesterday (HERE), you have the luxury of not having to make a school-lunch-size batch all at once. If you only have a few solitary hot dogs left from your BBQ that you want to use up, all you need is a few pinches of dough to make them over into a treat from yesteryear. Dogs that have already been barbecued on the grill are especially good (see the grill marks peeking through the dough? Seeing that makes them taste even better)

Halloween’s around the corner, and these would make fun kids’ treats then... (make your baked hot dogs into a mummy by adding two dots of mustard for “eyes”)

We all know how Pigs In A Blanket are made, but I liked the idea of forming the dough around the dogs in a spiral or braid shown here. I found this illustrated on - and saved it to use later. I’m glad I remembered where to find it...

For step-by-step instructions & photos - go to: ("empty nest" tab)

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