Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Red, White, & Blues - celebrate in style!

With all the red, white, and blue everywhere I go, it just seemed to be my patriotic duty to let those colors fly in my kitchen as well. For such a simple recipe, these cookies have a chewy texture and slightly sweet flavor - nothing like the crunchy sugar cookie you are used to. Adding a light vanilla glaze and a few firecracker sprinkles made them even more unique. Keep a roll of these on hand for a quick holiday treat.

Grandmothers need an arsenal of cookies that can be popped in the oven at a moment’s notice. That’s harder to do with a standard drop or bar cookie - but a ROLL is much more versatile. Slice off just what you need to spoil a few grandkids, and store the rest for later!

I was looking for a good standard cookie recipe that you could add food coloring to that didn’t taste “manufactured.” That was a tall order, but after much searching, I found this recipe on It really needed butter for better flavor, yet that golden color wreaks havoc with food coloring.

After a few adjustments, this was the result. Although the plain cookie is great as it is, I thought it was a lot more fun adding a vanilla glaze and sprinkles. A glaze is much more “summer friendly” than a frosting that melts in the heat.

Add these to your 4th of July picnic, and watch to see which cookie is taken first...

For this recipe, photos, and tips - go to: ("empty nest" tab)

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  1. I love the idea of this cookie! So many cool ways to use this technique! I will be trying it out soon!