Monday, April 6, 2009

"Americanized" Trifle - colorful layers of all things delicious...

My new son-in-law had a birthday this past week, and I wanted to make him something sentimental of the time he spent in England recently. While there he fell in love with traditional English Trifle. “Traditional” takes in many variations (just like Utah’s versions of “Funeral Potatoes”) He did say, however, that the cake makes a big difference. He described it as being similar to a Twinkie, but not as sweet - which holds it's shape in all those wonderful layers.

I’m not attempting to duplicate English Trifle. As I understand it, English Trifle can be done in as many different ways as there are English households. So, this was simply a fun experiment in the kitchen. And yes, my son-in-law loved it for his birthday "cake" (along with the rest of the family) I plan to make this again, and this time make a strawberry shortcake roll with it. It seemed fairly “flexible” - which is what you need if you plan to roll it up stuffed with all kinds of goodies. I’ll post it when I actually try it.

I’m sure you are also interested in the RECIPE for the cake, but I've also include a little history of the Twinkie (at the end of the cake post) It is really fun to see how this recipe, and it’s name, evolved...

For the Trifle recipe, instructions, and photos - go to: ("full house" tab)
For the Twinkie cake recipe, click here...

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