The essence of life is adjusting.

To be short & sweet, this website is a record of how I adjust my meals up and down as the crowds come and go.

My story is not what you typically find on a food blog today.  I'm not a young and beautiful super-mom with 2.5 perfect children and an amazing husband... at least right now.  But there was a day (long, long ago) when that was almost true.

I have a good life, and I'm grateful for all of the ups and downs that have come to me.

First - I'm obsessive about recipes.  (That's why you're here, right?)  New recipes give me a lift, and I love to share them.

Second - I do have a pretty great family.  They are my reason for getting up and being happy every day.  I have six children and I think they are pretty close to perfect (although I don't dare tell them that).  I have a pretty wonderful husband who passed away over ten years ago - and I really miss him.  We missed our 25th anniversary by a few months - but I can still feel him right by my side helping me know what to do about whichever kid (or issue) is needing attention at the time.

Third - Five of my children have spouses that are even closer to perfect (and that's because I didn't raise them).  They have added a wonderful new dimension to my family.

Fourth - I have grandchildren that ARE perfect. They truly are everything you hear grandchildren are - and more.  We are working on evening the score - with six grandsons and only three granddaughters.  Jay gave them lessons before they joined their families in "Teaching Parents Humility".  (Our children were all successfully tutored this same way)  I don't post pictures of my grandchildren because I'm pretty protective, (and I don't want to make you envious).

And in case you're interested, here are a few more facts.

I don't have an amazing kitchen or live in a Parade-of-Homes mansion.  We built our home together 25 years ago, and Jay's handcrafted woodwork throughout is still beautiful - although certainly not the current trend.  I love my home, and feeding people here is something I really enjoy.

I graduated from Utah State University with a teaching degree in FACS (which used to be "Home Economics").  I have taught home economics & yearbook at three high schools in the Salt Lake Valley.  I also teach for the Living After Loss program for the University of Utah.

I just completed ten years as a Church Service Missionary for the LDS Church at the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City as a tour guide and host.  And yes, I am a Mormon...  (See "My Faith" if you're curious)

So - why this blog?

I started this blog (which used to be private) in 2007.  I often found myself reading recipes over the phone to my family - and now all our family recipes are easier to access here.

This blog is first - for my children & their spouses (and my grandchildren, of course).


And now it's for you as well.  I hope you find something here that helps you make all those constant adjustments in your cooking style as your family changes.