Monday, March 21, 2011

Mexican Chocolate Icebox Cake

I’m sure this isn’t an authentic Mexican confection - I’ve never seen it before.  It’s a very mainstream dessert, other than the hint of cinnamon in the chocolate filling and whipped topping.  It looks tedious, but the ladyfingers take the place of a traditional crust, and there’s no baking involved.  

Warm summer days are on the horizon, and I’m keeping this in my file for a “no baking” day.  The biggest challenge is finding ladyfingers.   You could use either crisp or sponge-type - but I much prefer the sponge variety.  Look in the deli department of your grocery store, or the foreign foods aisle.  

This is very simple to assemble.  It involves just a little wait-time for the ganache-type chocolate mixture to cool before folding in the cream.   Then the cake refrigerates till firm - a minimum of about 3 hours.  

I made this after Valentine’s Day - when I decided to ban all chocolate in my house (you know how long that lasted).  All I could find for the grated chocolate garnish were a few Hershey chocolate kisses.  After using my vegetable peeler to shave off some curls - I’ve decided that is much easier than using a chocolate bar.  Random discovery, but it worked!
You could also use chocolate sprinkles (jimmies) in place of the chocolate shavings or curls - even easier.

If you work so hard piping a fancy whipped cream topping, you'll want it to last more than a few hours.  (For a how-to on stabilizing your whipped cream, you'll find it in another recipe post HERE.)

For this low-effort, but classy dessert recipe - along with photos & hints - go to:

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